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How to create a WordPress user


I'd like to get help figuring out which action event to use in what order in Pabbly. Here's the scenario.

After a trigger event (such as a successful payment processing on a third party platform or WordPress site), do this:

1. Check if there's a registered user on WordPress by matching the email address.
2. If a registered user with the same email address already exists, update the user meta data (such as the country).
3. If the user does not exist, create a new user in WordPress with that email address.
4. When creating a new WordPress user, make the username also identical to the email address (instead of giving the user the ability to freely choose a username, I want the username to be the same as the email address).
5. Send an email to the user:
5a. To an existing user, a message about their account being updated.
5b. To a newly created user, a message about their account creation and asking them to create/reset a password, with the WordPress's (or one of the membership plugin's) password reset link automatically included in the email content.

Thank you for your help and any automation insights regarding this would be appreciated.


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Staff member
Hey @lednahfg !

Sure, the use case which you have mentioned is possible to execute.

Kindly provide us with some details for the points asked below-
  • Provide us with a workflow in which you have already captured data in the trigger step , so we can create a dummy workflow for you.
  • Which application will you be using for sending the message or mail from?
  • Are you sure to add the username as the email of the user?

Hope, to hear from you soon.


Hi Subin,

Thank you for getting back to me. Actually I was looking at the Pabbly "action" section (as shown in the attached screenshot image), and was wondering if the three actions indicated by red arrows needed to be sequenced in a specific order, or if the "create a user" action alone would suffice.

- As for the workflow, I have not built one yet since I am still deciding whether to use Surecart or Stripe payment processing as the trigger.
- The email application will be either WordPress's native php mail, or FluentCRM.
- If automatically making the username an email address adds too much complexity, I'm open to the idea of creating a separate process for the user to choose their own username.

Shall we hold off on this thread for now, and revisit this once I have the workflow created and tested? Would that work better?



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Staff member
Hey @lednahfg

Since you might have changed the trigger response from your trigger, your further action steps amping got distorted, and because of that the red tag is coming into your actions. So please recapture the final response and then remap the data in the steps.