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How to Integrate your application with Pabbly Connect: Integration Guide

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Pabbly Connect Integration Guide​

Below is a way in which you can get your application integrated inside Pabbly Connect.

Start building your app integration through this link: https://connect.pabbly.com/app.

There are 2 main ways to integrate your application and the need of users will define what they need the most.
For example:

1. Whether your users want to get data out from your platform and send it someplace else. (You need to have Webhooks here inside your platform.)

2. Whether your users want to push data inside your platform from somewhere else. (You need to have REST API to add data inside your application)

1. Get data out from your platform​

Getting data out is important when users want to send things happening inside your platform to some other external software. (You will need to have webhooks inside your application)

For example:
When a new subscriber joins an email list inside your platform, you can instantly fire a webhook trigger with all the subscriber's details in it.

Webhook is nothing but a POST API call with all the data to any custom URL. The custom URL will be provided by Pabbly Connect and you can also test it out with the Webhook module present inside Pabbly Connect.


Pabbly Connect can capture the web-hook response sent from your end and can send that data to any remote external software for integration.

On your end, you need to add a section on your application where a customer can add a webhook URL.

Users can add the Webhook URL they get from Pabbly Connect inside your application and any event happening at your end will be posted to that specific URL.

Method 1: You can provide a webhook setting inside the dashboard.

Method 2: Post Webhook Format

POST: https://api.spayee.com/public/v1/webhook

JSON Body Format:
"event": "new_learner",
"webhook_url": "{{pabbly_webhook_url}}"

Note: Do not save duplicate webhook URLs on the same event, otherwise, this will send multiple webhook responses on the same event.

2. Get Data inside your platform.​

Getting data inside your platform is important when someone wants to add data inside your platform which is coming from any external software.

For example:

Someone who wants to add a customer's details inside your platform when they buy something from Stripe.

Stripe is already sending the webhook, we can capture it and use your API to POST/Insert data inside your platform.

We need a POST API of your platform to add data for different events/things inside your platform.

Comment on the thread if you need any further clarifications and have any questions.

Once you have the Webhooks and API system built, you can add your integration request to our integration board through the link below, and lastly, email us at [email protected] that you want integration with Pabbly Connect and include the pabbly.hellonext.co link within the same email along with a testing account. You can create a testing account with the email [email protected]. Send us the testing account details along with the password on the email itself.

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Users in Pabbly Connect can generate different Webhook URLs for each of their workflows.

Inside your platform, you need to create a UI listing all the available trigger events and a field for each trigger where the user can paste his webhook URL.

Your customers can then add the Webhook URL and select the event inside your application when that webhook will be sent to Pabbly Connect.

You need to send the webhook to the added Webhook URL when that chosen event happens inside your application.

Sometimes, you just have one key event in your application that you want to send a webhook for, in that case, just create a webhook for that one event. No need to give multiple selection options for different events.


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