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How to use the post feature to send data to Formaloo

Ori D


I want to send the first name of a customer who registers on a form to another form. The problem is that the second form is being embedded in the second form. So I can't send the data directly via Formaloo. I need to use their API to insert the first name inside the second form. I tried to do it by myself but with no success. Perhaps you can guide me through what I miss here.

This is the URL of my workflow: https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTZiMDYzNTA0Mzc1MjZkNTUzMTUxM2Ii_pc

This is the Formaloo API documentation: https://help.formaloo.com/en/articl...formaloo-api-keys-in-formaloo-api?q=api+post+

As you read, I need to generate an Authorization Token from a secret key.

Then, I need in some way to send the data to a specific form. I guess that I need its URL and a paramter. Here is another documentation in this subject: https://docs.formaloo.net/?_gl=1*1u...5NjgwLjE3MDY0NjY4MDA.#/operations/formsCreate

Thank you


Hey @Ori D

Instead of manually adding all the headers and parameters, you can directly import the cURL request using "Import cURL" feature in API by Pabbly. You can find it within the three dots menu as mentioned in the image below,


Kindly make sure you provide the authentication details as mentioned in their API doc.


Let us know if you face any further issues and we will be more than happy to help you.



Hey @Ori D

Kindly refer to the image below and set up your API request accordingly. You need to enter your secret key in here to get the authorization token. Then you can execute the first name request, because it requires an authorization token.



Hey @alaa bebar

Currently Zoom Phone app is not integrated in Pabbly Connect. Although, given the high volume of integration requests we receive daily, we've implemented an integration request board to streamline customer requests and feedback. You're welcome to submit your integration request on the board, and other users can also upvote requests, helping us prioritize and implement new integrations based on the feedback.

I would request you to please fill add your request to the board itself - https://pabbly.hellonext.co/b/Integration-Request