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How to write helptext?

Checklist for an Integration in Pabbly Connect

The below checklist is to be followed by each member of the team and test their integration/update accordingly.

  1. Check for all the help texts and grammatical mistakes.
    - You can make use of this tool before saving the help texts in the application for any spelling and grammar https://www.online-spellcheck.com/
  2. Help text standards must match the guideline:
  3. Use prefixes if any as a variable in the parameter/header based authentication.
  4. If the application is taking any URL/Subdomain then, ensure the help text is added properly for the same with example.
  5. Check for OAuth2.0 authentication and ensure you are getting refresh token in it.
  6. Check for the Login Authentication inbuilt endpoint added or not.
  7. Compare the endpoint with Integrately/Zapier/Integromat once so that we didn’t miss any parameter or ease of use.
  8. Test each endpoint with all details filled in the fields.
  9. Test each endpoint with only required or partially filled fields.
  10. Check if any parameter needs another endpoint result like - contact ID, List ID etc then, we can make use of multi-step features.
  11. Check for new line character (<br/> or \n ) and set the field option accordingly to Markdown/Plain Text/HTML
  12. Test the trigger endpoints properly with 2-3 different sets of values.
  13. Your integration must be logically correct and no need to add unnecessary actions like List Contacts, List Users etc. which are meaningless. Instead, check for a search endpoint for the same so that the results can be mapped to the next actions.

    - In case, inbuild endpoints have limits and the user has an issue in getting the item in the list or requested for the same then, we can add the endpoints as actions with a pagination field.
  14. If you are moving any legacy action/trigger. Move it to down using drag and drop feature also, check the sorting of the endpoints.
  15. Please ensure the updated or added endpoints with proper description is appearing on the website or not e.g.: https://www.pabbly.com/connect/integrations/dropbox/
If it doesn’t appear then click on the save button of the specific Action/Trigger in Pabbly Connect and visit the core app area of that specific integration click the save button once and clear the WordPress Nginx cache of the specific app page in WordPress.
  1. Ensure to delete the default static data that you have placed while configuring the endpoint.

Developers should perform the following for any support query.

  1. Fix the issue.
  2. Redirect the Issue to the relevant developer or discuss the same with the relevant developer along with the solution approach.
  3. Test the integration thoroughly (All Actions and Triggers).
  4. Make changes to the help texts if needed.
  5. Reorder the actions/triggers.
  6. Try to make it more user friendly.
- You can use a multi-step feature with a Condition endpoint.
- If found any field where, we are asking users to put the values within double quotes then, make it simple via the Line Item feature.
- If needed, pass default values and advanced built-in functions in the fields.
- Write down the help article or common problem article at the forum.


Guidelines Creating any Endpoint in Pabbly Connect

1) Simple and Short (First letter of each word must be capital)

Help Text Formatting:
1) First letter Capital of the first word and then all will be in small case
2) Explain the API key obtaining method from the app account just like zapier does.
3) Links must be open in new window
4) All fields Helptext should include the action/trigger step from where it can be retrieved along with the example in following format:
Enter your shopify order ID. E.g. 788887888. (Note: E (capital) of the example when the previous sentence gets completed.)
Enter contact ID which you can get from the “Search Contact” action e.g. 255585. (Note: e (small) of the example when the previous sentence is in continuity.)
5) Follow this guideline to add descriptions:

Send as RAW JSON:
- If used in endpoints then, all variables in it defined under Set parameters option should have required option opted. (Some API accepts blank values for JSON keys)

Header Authentication Example:
Sometimes we have to use Header Authentication and there we have to pass Key and Value pair as shown in the following API request:

curl -X GET 'https://api.clearout.io/v2/email_verify/getcredits' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJ0eXBlIjoiYXBwIiwidXNlcl9pZCI6IjVjNjJiNAk0OGZiNzRiN2Q1YTAxYWZmNSIsInNlc3Npb25faWQiOiI1YzYyYjlhOThmYjc0YjdkNWEwMWIwNTUiLCJpYXQiOjE1NDk5NzM5MjksImV4cCI6MTU1ODYxMzkyOX0.ynrdZiQeEFOGeDt1oSJS_4f-JPZebMJnuVyD8r8-QFQ'

To configure this, we have to add the description for Header Auth type while configuring the App in Pabbly Connect to get the API Key from the service/app in short or precise way as shown below:

Also, we have to add Authorization as a Header Key in each endpoint of Pabbly Connect with help text Enter API Key or Enter API Token as shown below



Triggers app ko is tarah se daalne hai:


  • Go for webhooks first and find the details in their docs and application.

  • Write the steps to configure the webhooks.
Trigger/Webhook Reference: Shopify App

Checklist for Trigger configurations

1. Check for covered triggers in Zapier integration
2. Check Account availability
3. Check for the documentation for webhooks either Post Webhooks or in app configuration (Avoid polling based trigger)
4. Check at least one trigger endpoint in postman.
5. Configure it in Pabbly Connect with proper descriptions and add a logo (Ask Arun) before making it live.

Instructions to add help text for connecting any application

For Basic Auth based Applications

1. Make use of a placeholder and write the exact parameter to be input ex: API Key (K not k), Secret Key (K not k), you can check any previous app for reference.
2. In the description, write: Enter your API Key and Secret Key then, press single enter and write the instructions from where it can be found in the application.
3. In some cases only the first field of Basic Auth is required and the next one needs to be left blank. In such cases, Add placeholder for the first field and leave the second one as it is the, you can write the first line of description as Enter your API Key and leave Password field blank
3. Use links wherever possible
4. Instructions must be clear and simple, check below screenshot:


For Parameter/Header based Applications

1. Check for each app connection help texts
2. Write proper sentences and standards like API Key not API key or api key or as mentioned in the application.
3. Use links wherever possible in new window
4. For single parameter, you can write the Help Texts at app level instead of writing to each endpoint level, for multiple parameters you can refer any previous app like Vonage or Instamojo app
5. Instructions must be clear and simple, Ex: Instamojo app
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