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Initial SetUp


Hello, I am trying to build the following site and was wondering if I could be given some direction.

Landing Page...
Email Submission Form. (Already made)

Once Submitted (How can I do this??)
If it's an existing customer -> Automatic Response Info Chat Box
If it's a returning prospects -> Takes them to an Update Us Form
If it's a first timer visitor -> An Auto Welcome Email with a brochure attached.
-> Takes them to an Informational Video, and a Personal Info Form if they are interested in learning more.

I'm looking in to buying various packages offered by Pabbly.
This is basically all this site is allowed to be, so it will not be growing in to anything more anytime soon.
What would be the most cost efficient package to buy? If I get the standard form package, do I get 1 additional form, or is it 1 total form?

Then just wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to most easily and efficiently build this site.

Thank you!


Staff member

Greetings from Pabbly!!

Pabbly Form Builder is an exceptional tool that offers unrestricted features to its users. You can create forms that can gather infinite submissions, accept limitless payments, allow countless uploads, support boundless form fields and users, and can be viewed any number of times. Additionally, Pabbly Form Builder seamlessly integrates with more than 300 applications.

Whether you need to design payment forms, event registration forms, surveys, or any other kind of form, Pabbly Form Builder provides complete freedom to its users without any limitations. The pricing for using the tool is $15 per month for one form, but if you opt for a yearly plan, it will cost you $120 for one year at a discounted rate of $10 per month.

To know more about the pricing plans, visit the following link: https://www.pabbly.com/form-builder/pricing/

It can collect your Payments, and submissions you can view the submissions, however, it is not capable of identifying existing customers, returning prospects, first-timer visitors, etc.

You can also sign up for a free plan by clicking on this link: https://accounts.pabbly.com/signup/

During the 7-day trial version, you can only receive a maximum of 100 submissions, out of which only the initial 5 submissions can be viewed. Once the 6th submission is made, the submission inbox will get locked. You will be able to collect only $100 through this plan, after which the form will be locked.