Issue with infusionsoft tag count


We have a lot of tags in our infusionsoft system (1453). I notice that the scroll down list only goes to the "O"s alphebetically, and when i tried to search for "surviving to thriving" it would not appear. My guess is that it loads a max of 1000 and the last 453 were not loaded. I hacked this by adding an "a" at the beginning of the tag and was able to add. Definitely a work around. Pabbly should load all 1453 of our tags (or however many).






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Hey @humanitysteam

We investigated your matter, and the Keap API states that you may only obtain up to 999 tags. An API cannot be used to get such a large number of tags.

However, if you want to find the tag, use the "Infusion soft by Keap: Search a Tag" action step. So you can manually pass the tag id in the Tag field of the trigger by toggling the map button, so in that way, you can capture the response for that particular tag accordingly.