Multiple times Whatsapp Messages are delivered to clients.

Hi Team,
For the workflow "Body Shred Hub Wati & Email Reminder"

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Mar 19, 2023 09:48:12

I have WATI whatsapp automation running.

Customer is getting 4-5 times the same message. It is annoying the clients.

Can you tell me the reason for this?​

Need your expert advice ASAP.


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Hey @Ravitej Janagouda

Since the workflow, you have designed it in such a way that it will send the WhatsApp Notification multiple time at different intervals.

Hi @Supreme

Thanks for the reply.
These are at different time interval as a reminders.
But it is delivering the message multiple times for each intervals.
Example : -10 hrs message is delivered like 4 times to each customer.


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Hey @Ravitej Janagouda

Seems like you might be using 2 WATI action steps in your workflow inside the Router action step.

Kindly check your workflow from now and let us know the latest history which has the double WATI action step in it.