My Stripe Account restricted access due to Card Testing



Stripe said this:
Captcha is the thing need at check out? - Yes that is correct. You can add captcha and we recommend you add friction to your customer creation and/or customer card update features, making it more difficult for card testers to attach card information to new or existing customers. Stripe also recommends users to combine different approaches to prevent fraudulent attempts and to minimize the impact on fraudulent activity. Here are more examples we suggest to prevent future card testing:

Captcha: Card testers often use automated scripts that can be blocked using a captcha.
Rate limits: In some cases, you can stop card testing by adding rate limits. Tailor these rate limits to stop the specific kind of card testing you’re experiencing.
Require login or session validation: Card testing can often be prevented by requiring login or session validation when performing certain actions, such as creating an account or making a payment.

Detecting and preventing unusual behavior: As soon as you’ve identified card testing activity, you can compare it to typical legitimate traffic, then build rules or filters that limit or prevent only the card testing activity.
Radar: If card testers are making payments with your integration you might be able to use custom Radar rules to mitigate the fraudulent activity.

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Can you help to mitigate so we can request them about this to re activate the account?
Urgent please.