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Need Pabbly's Recommendation for Correct Workflow (Google Sheets to Google Contacts)

VFW 4893

Here is my current situation:
1. New members sign up using a Google Form; the Google Form submits the data to the "Master" membership Google Sheets workbook

2. The "Master" workbook then "feeds" five separate Google Sheets workbooks via "Query Importrange" (really it's a pull function by the five workbooks)
a. Note: items #1 and #2 work flawlessly

3. I then properly set up five separate workflows in Pabbly Connect to sync the data from the Google Sheets workbook to Google Contacts

4. I, like a couple other people here recently, received the following note from Pabbly when we questioned why the workflows are not operating properly:
a. "We strictly asked our users to not use any kind of formulas or any filter in their Google Sheets to trigger the workflow. Since it might affect the incoming data with the app script."

5. Since I cannot use "Query Importrange" (a formula) to get data from the "Master" workbook to "Workbook A", what is the best method to all the data from the "Master" Workbook to "Workbook A" that meets the criteria/filter of "AAA" in "Column T"?
a. Note: the other options in Column T are "BBB" (for Workbook B), "CCC" (for Workbook C), "DDD" (for Workbook D), and "EEE" (for Workbook E).


Well-known member
Staff member
Hey @VFW 4893

I am afraid to say that currently, there is no other workaround available to trigger the workflow from any app script or formula.

Though we have forwarded your concern to our tech team and we shall try to implement the same in near future.

If you wish any other help in setting up your workflow from scratch, you can hire an automation expert from here - https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/pabbly-connect-experts-and-consultants.22/

VFW 4893


Is there a way to copy filtered rows from one Google Sheets workbook to another Google Sheets workbook?

I do not want to hire a third party person to fix what I consider your "mistake".

I have created hundreds of workflows in different software over the last couple of decades. This should not be a difficult process, but your software is making it difficult. I purchased your software because your company promised it could work. Please provide a solution.

Desired workflow
1. Customer fills out Google Form. [Complete and working]
2. Google Form inputs data into Google Sheets workbook. [Complete and working]
3. Sync Google Sheets data with Google Contacts [Not working]
a. There are approximately 500 rows; with Column T annotated with the proper distribution list (Google Label)
b. Column T will have one of five distribution lists: AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD, or EEE
c. The current 500 rows have been imported into Google Contacts; only need new data synced

4. I am open to any solution that will work.
a. Option A: contact and appropriate distribution list synced from the "original / master" Google Sheets workbook (data input from Google Forms) to Google Contacts
b. Option B: row data is synced from the "original/master" workbook to the appropriate "child" workbook (ie. "Child AAA", "Child BBB", etc.). Then the respective "Child" workbook is synced with the respective Google Contacts Label (ex. "Child AAA" workbook is synced with the respective distribution list (Google label) "AAA")
c. Option C: Other option that will work