On mobile, Checkout pages not showing total and one other issue


Hi. I'm having 2 issues with my checkout pages on mobile.

1. An order total is not showing. I would think if a number of items were added that it would show the total cost so that the customer can know how much their card is going to be charged, similar to the desktop view. Currently this is not happening as can be seen here:


2. The Merchant Account is showing in a strange way as the payment method as can be seen here:


Here is the page in question: https://www.vianbrowns.com/welcome/donate-to-the-reunion

Please help. Thank you!


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1. You can try to "Reset" the checkout page to show the order total. If the problem persists, kindly let us know.


2. As we checked, we found that you have put the gateway's name as "Stripe_Brown" and hence it is shown like that on the checkout page also.
You can change it from Settings >> PAyemnt Gateway Settings >> Connected Gateways >> Edit >> Change the name.
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