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OpenAI/ChatGPT: How to follow-up/continue on previous response



what is the right procedure/workflow for a continuous/follow-up task flow with OpenAI using Pabbly Connect?

I have a step App: OpenAI > Action event: Generate Content. There I am asking OpenAI to write an article ("You are a consultant who helps business owners with XXX Write a long, detailed professional article for a magazine based on the title you will find at the end of these instructions... etc.")

When I limit the response to 256 tokens, I get an immediate response. But when I increase the number of tokens to the max 2048, 95% of the time there is a time-out and OpenAI does not respond within the 40 seconds required by Pabbly Connect. (Even though I have a paid OpenAI account.)

The only way I can think of circumventing this problem is to get OpenAI to produce the article in multiple parts (Prompt: Break up the article into 5 sections consisting of a maximum of 256 tokens each.)

The first response of OpenAI would give me the first section of the article... but how would I go in Pabbly Connect about asking for the sections 2, 3, 4 and 5? That is to follow up on the previous request/response?

I could do the same using ChatGPT, but there again, how would I - after receiving the first sections - "ask" ChatGPT to continue and provide the remaining sections?

(When this happens in ChatGPT interface itself - when it stops writing before the article is finished - I give it the prompt "continue" and it does finish it off. But how would I do the same in Pabbly Connect so that I get all fo the 5 sections and can then connect them together into one long article...?)


BTW Pabbly is great, saves a lot of time!


Could you please write two-three lines of general guidance to at least show the direction I should go or recommend a video done by Pabbly on this? Thanks.


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I am afraid to say that breaking the token in different segments and processing the Chat GPT action step afterward.


Pressing ChatGPT Submit button completes the next sequence of your request, and may require more than once depending on length.