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Pabbly and Gravitec integration - some fields required (but shouldn't be)

Your Task History ID

I am using Pabbly Connect, and using the Gravitec module to send a push notification to customers, it is asking me for the following two fields:

Tag to Push (Required)
Then with a note underneath is says: “Optional field. Write a tag for this push message”.

There are two issues with this:
For Pabbly support, it is confusing, and the form does not pass validation without this being completed, despite it being optional, yet also required! However, I have no Gravitec subscribers who are tagged. The net effect is that campaigns are not sent to users as I have no populated tags. I do see the api results getting to the Gravitec dashboard, but as I have no tagged users, they go nowhere.

pabbly one.png

The next problematic field is Image (meaning Big Image in the Gravitec API)

Again, this is required but I don't want to use it and when I do manual campaigns there is no need as it is option. In Pabbly, it is required for some reason. The effect is that the formatting on Android isn't correct when I view it in the Gravitec dashboard as a preview, this means that the text is not correctly displayed. The easy fix is not to use Big Image.
Win 7 and others display okay. However, the preference would be to not use Big Image.
For Pabbly, can this be changed from being a required field, to optional?

pabbly two.png
Ok. feedback from Gravitec:

Hello John !
Thank you for contacting us.

It looks like someone added us to Pabbly Connect and didn't do it entirely correctly.

Tags are not a required field when working with our API https://scandalous-ferry-f93.notion...ification-V3-826b6c9a941d410593e871880f26aa65
The same applies to a big picture; it is not mandatory.

Please send them our documentation https://scandalous-ferry-f93.notion...ification-V3-826b6c9a941d410593e871880f26aa65 they need the Send Push Notification V3 section.

Regarding tags, it is described in detail here -

Kind regards,
Customer support Gravitec.net


Staff member
Hey @CyberspaceUK,

The action event has been updated. Following the documentation, skipping the field will no longer result in an error.

If you encounter any further issues, please do not hesitate to inform us.

Best regards,
Nivesh Jain