Split comma separated list and create a row for each item Google sheet

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Hi, how do I send the individial items from a comma separated list to a Google sheet please?

I have a list ItemA, ItemB, ItemC.

Each item is separated by a comma.

I use the Pabbly Connect Text Fromatter Split text to separate the items/split them.

This gives me the result:


Now I want to send each of the item to a Google sheet so that each is on its own line.

I use the action step Google Sheet > Add multiple rows.

But this allows me to enter only one item to one row.

How do I add ItemB and ItemC to the Google sheet please? That is how do I get the action to fill the other rows?

Or do I have to copy the action step and repeat for the number of items in the list?

(The above lits with just 3 items is just an example, I will be working with lists of various lengths.)


(I want this to be done automatically. I know that I can send the complete list to Google sheets and then its function Split text into columns and then Transpose to rows, but this is not automated.)


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Kindly use the "Google Sheets: Add Multiple Rows" action step to pass multiple items in every new row for a new item bypassing the comma-separated value.

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