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Update PipeDrive deal from Calandly booking

Hello, everyone.
I´m trying to create an workflow that everytime a booking is done in Calendly, it updates some of the personalized field of the deal on Pipedrive.
Today I have the integration from ulgebra that automatically creates a deal if there is no deal with the email of the booking and creates the meeting activity and add the information on the personalized field. However, if the same person makes another booking, it doesnt update the personalized fields with the new booking information.
And that is what I need to do, update the information from calendly on the personalized field.
I´ve created the flow, but I´m not being able to conect the booking to a deal on PD.
I´ve selected the the option to update deal, it already gives me an dropdown list with all the deals. I´ve also tried to add one step to find the deal and than make the update. But I cant get pass it because I can´t find a way to conect the emails or the phone as the hook to retrive the deal.


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Hey @Renato Drumond

As we can see from the "Get All Deal Fields" action step, it seems like the deal you trying to get is not associated with any entity like email address, name, etc which is why it is not getting retrieved.

So, please take those deals or add the required data like email addresses in those deals and then try the action step again from the PipeDrive action step.

Sorry i didn´t understand what you ment. I´m not being able to find a deal by the email that the person registered on PD.
So the trigger for me is to have the person creating a booking and leaving all the information.
Than Pabbly should find this deal so i can update the personalized filed on that deal with the rest of the information that the lead left on the booking form.
But I´m not being able to retrive the info to follow the flow.
I´m assuming that the flow should be

1. Trigger: Calendly event created
2. Find a deal
3. Update Deal.
But I´m not being able to conect those steps. :(
The only information I get when I select FIND DEAL is this

And it seems that the only way to find thedeal is either byCustom Fields, title or Notes. It doesn´t give the option of email.
So the only commum information I have is the name of the person, that will be exactly the same from Calendly to PipeDrive.
But since the response we have from those fields are just 4 fileds. I don´t know how to conect it to update this specific deal.


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The only information I get when I select FIND DEAL is this

It appears that your PipeDrive account doesn't contain any deal with that name, so if you need the response in the action step then you need to make sure that the Deal must be present.