Webhook detail from Systeme.io to Pabbly Connect


Good morning.

If I sell a course in Systeme.io, how can I integrate it with Pabbly connect? I want to send details via a web hook when a person signs up for a course (i.e. becomes a new student of a course) from Systeme to Pabbly but I am not sure how to send a test trigger from Systeme to Pabbly. I couldn't see anywhere in their system where it gives the option to "send" a test web hook.

Can you please provide me with documentation to do so?

Thank you.



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Hey @LyleWeber23

Since the trigger event is a webhook-based trigger event you need to pass the test submission from your Systeme.io

So, first press the "Capture webhook Response" button once and then pass the test submission from your account.