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Webhook task receiving same response multiple times, causing same tasks to run multiple times.


I used a webhook as a first task in most of my workflows. The webhook gets shipping updates from our shipping aggregator and uses api whatsapp API to send our customers updates on their orders. But due to getting multiple webhook responses our customers are getting multiple messages for the same thing.

I did a bit of googling and found out this is usually due to the webhook server not receiving 200-response from the app in time, so it tries to send the same response again.

Can you help me troubleshoot this, find the real issue and fix it?

Filtering pabbly history for the tasks with the same order ID:

Shows the same flow running twice


Awaiting your response,


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Staff member
Hey @Naman

As we can see from your workflow, you are getting the same trigger response multiple times and because of that, your leads are getting the same messages multiple times.

And the reason behind that is perhaps you have set the same webhook URL multiple times in your Triggering API multiple times.

Solution -

1. You can delete the multiple webhooks from your triggering account as mentioned in the following screenshot.


2. You can create a new workflow and delete the previous one which will create a new webhook only once and can send the data one time.


I checked, one Webhook URL is only used once in the triggering account.
As you can see here:


The issue has to be something else. Please help me out.


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Hey @Naman

The webhook response, in which the trigger is directly coming from the API as the trigger is a descriptive webhook type trigger.

The webhook only captures the response data which was sent by the application itself and it is something that we cannot manipulate. If your data is not arriving so there is a good chance that it is not being sent to Pabbly Connect's webhook URL In cases like these, you will have to contact the Application support team to see why your data is not coming.

To double-check, you can also confirm it through a webbooks testing site by the name of webhook.site.

You can copy the webhook URL provided by Webhook.site inside the application and do the test event inside the triggering application to see if the webhook is being captured correctly inside Webhook.site. This will double confirm the issue.

Here is a sample video that you can follow to track the webhook issue:

You can check out the following video for your concern -

Else you can try once by creating a new workflow from scratch in your account.


Did this ever get resolved? I am experience a similar issue but with google sheets. (I just opened a support request)

I created some copy workflows for testing and deleted them. It appears that there may be some orphaned workflows on my account causing the tasks to run 3 times in my case.


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Hey @twshouston

Could you please tell us which applications trigger events you are using in your workflow and meanwhile check your overall history if you get any repetitive data flowing in your workflows?




It somehow sorted itself out.

Essentially this is a google sheets integration that was supposed to update on a column update.

Due to the depreciated workflows the original containted I thought it would be a good idea to copy and rebuild the workflow with the new tasks.

From the beginning I ran into issues with the data recapture ( I added new fields and changed names). For some reason it wasn't capturing... I ended up making another duplicate or two ( this was last friday)

I was getting some weird results with the data not capturing or running multiple times.

This morning I deleted the original workflow, which was in disable mode at the time.

That MAY have resolved my problem.