WhatsApp & Google Sheet Related Query!


Is there a way to send a whatsApp message (chat-api) using Google sheet but at the specified time in the google sheet?

So Suppose, there is a column in the google sheet, where the user can enter a specific time... and the message is triggered at that time only?

Col A - Time
Col B - Day
Col C - Message

Col A - 11 am IST
Col B - Wednesday
Col C - "Hello"

So the message is triggered at 11 AM for this specific message and later the message continues to trigger at the specified time in the Google sheet...


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Hey @zest83

We have designed a similar possible use case for you, please check that out and let us know if that works for you. Though in the Google Sheets you have to use the date-time instead of Day and Individual time.

Shared Workflow - https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/share/AUkFN1AbCGtWHFM5BWgBYAgcCiMBS1MFUTYFFw##



Your shared workflow does not have the Delay Trigger!
Have you modified something?

Coz your screenshots are showing the Delayed Until Trigger


And how often will the Workflow Run?
Will it be LIVE throughout... as in, as soon as it is 10th March, 11 AM - it will AUTO-execute the trigger?

Or Do I need to set something scheduler?