Add table content from email to google sheets or docs


I'm trying to get content senty by email and add to a spreadsheet or doc (google docs). I need to display the table, but I'm just getting a paragraph containing the data that I need.

What I'm trying to achieve:

1. Parsing email to get the data(p.s.: There's more information on the email, not just the table);
2. When getting the data, creating a new document on google docs;
3. Adding that data to google docs and getting an url;
4. Adding that link to ezeep and auto-print the content.

How can I display a table in google docs? I'm able to get both html and raw body text through the parser.
If it isn't possible, is there a way to filter that data inside the table and append to a pre-made template.

Here are some examples of how I get the email and how the data is being displayed in google docs


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