Airtable 'Search Records' returning records that contain the search parameter instead of only the one that exactly matches


Searching an airtable table for a single record with an autonumber ID field that matches a specific number. Eg, 72. I want ONLY the record with autonumber ID that equals 72, but I get all records CONTAINING 72 - so, 472, 272, 72, 172.

I beleive I can make changes so that it will return in order from least to greatest autonumber ID, and in that case it will always be the first result that I am looking for.

There are other workarounds that come to mind as well - that said,
I am fairly new to Pabbly Connect so want to know if there is a simple adjustment I can make within pabbly that I am not aware of to force the search to return the exact match.


Staff member
Hey @auxbox !

Can you let us know the workflow name in which you are facing this issue, so we can check on it and guide you further.

Hope, to hear from you soon.