API integration with #1 Polish bank - mBank - docs.paynow.pl

Hi, 3 of my clients want integration with https://docs.paynow.pl. Can you please create API integration with them - https://docs.paynow.pl - ? My Dev says it's a matter of creating API from Pabbly-PayNow where Pabbly generates the signature before passing payment information ahead. I have 3 clients waiting to create for them beautiful website like this https://www.konopnydoktor.pl with a e-commerce module ( based on paynow.pl integration ). I'd love to even pay Pabbly for such integration. It will help me a lot. Thanks.


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Hello, Can anyone help? I feel it's not possible. But is it? SpreadSimple support gave me this as an example - https://thess.spread.name/ - if they could do it, so can we using Pabbly Connect? Please respond. Thank you very much. ( https://help.spreadsimple.com/en/ar...f5o00q/#1-external-checkout-action-eca-add-on )
If you want to request for building up new integrations, please send us the request here and upvote it - https://pabbly.hellonext.co/b/Integration-Request

The integration team works on all the integration requests based on the number of votes they receive and system compatibility.