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i'm trying to build an app -> pabbly -> discord embed message via webhooks, but cant get messages to show up as embeds in discord..

I've used embed visualizer ( to get the code and used a Custom Request (Webhooks) POST action on pabbly to send it over to discord as an embed but it doesnt work.
i only receive content part of the message, but not the embed part.

How can this be fixed? please help
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Hi, Thanks for the response. i've spent about 5-6 hours and after a lot of trial & error tries finally figured out a structure that works for discord embed message webhooks, thats why it is showing up :)

For anyone else in the community scrolling through similar webhook issues - it has to do with the way you structure DATA fields

@Supreme, could you please remove that screenshot, it contains sensitive info


@krusher Can you share some details of how you got this to work?
I'm a few hours in and can't figure this out.

The embed I'm wanting is not complex, but I'm trying to get a title, footer and a color for the left border with data extracted from email parser somewhere in between.

I'd really appreciate any info you can share on this.


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Hey @Romain

The user might have used the API by Pabbly action step to perform the embedded operation.

You can refer to the following screenshot on the sample -


{ "embeds": [ { "title": "trdttt", "url": "", "color": 1, "footer": { "icon_url": "", "text": "test" }, "author": { "name": "Test", "icon_url": "" }, "fields": [ { "name": "Status", "value": " 1. Status : Ok" }, { "name": "Ok test sample", "value": "5dsfsdf4s5df4s" }, { "name": "Test7458", "value": " 87s8df8sd4f89sd4f8sd4fsd" }, { "name": "From", "value": "sdf8sd4f8sd4f8sd4f8sd4f8dsf" }, { "name": "To", "value": "sd5f4sdf48s5df8sdf4s8df48sdf4s" }, { "name": "7e1f8se", "value": "787484", "inline": true }, { "name": "ds78fsd7f84e", "value": "test74558", "inline": true } ] } ] }

Further, we recommend you contact an automation expert who can create and manage such JSON as per your need.