Bug in Post new?

I used NEW-POST (Facebook pages), but sometimes Pubbly does not reply data, it shows "response" and an empty box.
sometimes Pubbly returns data, but many times not. Have you encountered the phenomenon? Know how to solve?


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Hey @elhanan cohen

Could you please try re-installing the Pabbly Connect app from your Facebook account by removing it first and then adding it back by re-authorizing it from the Facebook "New Post" Trigger event?


Then try authorizing your Facebook account -


After checking that you have all the permission access to your desired pages from Facebook while connecting your account?

2021-10-04_14h07_26 (1).png

Further, if you have switched your classic Pages from the new Pages then please check the following Facebook link for a better understanding -

Hi! good evening!
I try to re-connect, but this still is not working.
I don't switch your classic Pages because of the results..
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Hey @elhanan cohen

We crossed checked the FB trigger event at our end and it is working fine. So, if you could share a short video on how you are connecting your Facebook account through the trigger and how you are sending the Post to capture the webhook response would be great in that way we can rectify your concern easily.