Connect WHMCS to Woocommerce


Hello dear sirs,

Trying to connect WHMCS to Woocommerce, so when an invoice is created in WHMCS, an invoice is created in Woocommerce as well. But I am struggling. Watched tutorials about Woocommerce, searched in the forum, but found no solution.
I cannot find any tutorial regarding connecting these 2 apps.


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Hey @Wwarrior

In the WooCommerce integration there is no action event to create an invoice but if you want to you can use the "WooCommerce: Create an Order" action step you need to pass the Customer ID and Product Id of WooCOmmerce Instead of WHMCS with the help of "WooCommerce: Retrieve a Customer by Email" and "WooCommerce: Retrieve a Product by Name or Slug" respectively.

Customer ID -


Product Id -