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Create Google Sheet + add Multi ROWS



I've successfully linked Gravity Forms with Google Sheets to collect customer details.

In each form submission, customers may provide details for up to 10 visitors, including their first and last names.

I'm using Pabbly to connect Gravity Forms to Google Sheets, which works fine for creating a new spreadsheet and populating it with data. However, my challenge is that I can only populate a single row for each form submission. I need the ability to populate up to 10 rows, corresponding to each visitor's details in a single form submission.

In the 'ROW value box', I've entered the following code:

{"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 4 : padilla" }}, {"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 3 : juan" }}, {"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 6 : 1" }}, {"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 8 : pasaporte numero" }}

This fills in details for Row 1, but I'm not sure how to modify this code so that it can populate data into Row 2, Row 3, and so on.

I've attached a screenshot for your reference.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,


  • Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 15.53.05.png
    Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 15.53.05.png
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Google Sheets: Create a Spreadsheet action event is used to create an entirely new spreadsheet, and the data entered in the 'Row Values' field acts as the header of that newly created spreadsheet. Therefore, it will always appear only in the first row.

If you want to populate data in multiple rows of an existing spreadsheet, consider using the Google Sheets: Add Multiple Rows action event instead. Please watch the video shared below to understand how to do this.





I appreciate your response.

I was aware that the "add multiple rows" feature is available for existing spreadsheets, but it doesn't meet my requirements.

I have to create a BRAND NEW spreadsheet, and in this new document, I need to add a separate row for each visitor's details (i.e., details of visitor 1 in row 1, details of visitor 2 in row 2, and so on). I believe this could be achieved by modifying the Row data code in the row box:

{"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 4 : padilla" }}, {"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 3 : juan" }}, {"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 6 : 1" }}, {"userEnteredValue": { "stringValue": "1. 8 : pasaporte numero" }}

Any idea?

Thank you.


Staff member
I'm afraid the use case you are describing is not possible because there is no action event that allows you to enter data in your Google Sheets without the presence of headers.