Credit card details page contains video on how to share the link with my customers.


I am trying to send a link for my client to add their details.
To make it branded, i had to cut and paste the very long link onto my portal page, there is no simple "share this link with your client" button, which would be very helpful #featurerequest ;)

But more important, when i copy this new link (under my brand as i have copy-pasted onto my portal URL), the page still contains the how-to video that is my tutorial on how to copy and paste the links and share with my clients.
This looks incredibly unprofessional. please remove this from the public links!

It would also be nice if there was a little logo or something, i would like to customize this page a little bit so it looks more credible.
It is peoples' credit cards we are dealing with after all and i think they would feel better if they recognize the branding at least.