Custom Domain and SSL Set up

I am a little bit confused about how to set up custom domain and SSL for the checkout pages.
Here are some details related to my domain and hosting.

  1. My domain is registered in GoDaddy. Let's say it is MyBrand .com. DNS is pointed to Dreamhost, my hosting partner.
  2. My hosting account is with Dreamhost. Setting up of sub-domains and DNS management is done from within Dreamhost panel.
  3. My main website at MyBrand .com is hosted in Dreamhost.
  4. I created a new CNAME record within Dreamhost billing and pointed it to the target URL
This is where I am confused now. What do I do next?

Vipin Mishra

Hello There!

We would like to inform you that for a custom domain SSL, we only support Cloudflare DNS. Your DNS should be on Cloudflare for us to SSL your custom domain.
All other SSL requests can’t be accepted.

Please refer to the link for custom domain -

Hope the above information helps.

If you need further support please reach out us.

Vipin mishra


To avoid create a new thread for the same problem...

My domain is already in cloudflare exact as you show in your video, and I add the custom domain and it's already showing as verified, but nobody can access, it's shows an SSL error! how to fix this?


Vipin Mishra

Hello Rodrigo,

We would like to inform you that Custom Domain works with checkout page links, portal links and all other links.
So, if you will search only Custom Domain then it will show the error. Custom Domain does not work alone, it always work with other links.

Also, we have checked your system on our end and we did not found any issue and everything is working fine. So, if you still face the same issue then please send a video showing where exactly your system is facing issue so we can help you accordingly.

Vipin Mishra


Hello, I hope you can help me

Point my domain and it's verified!

When opening a checkout I get an error, how can I fix it?




Hello Aldo,
The team is looking into the issue and will revert to you with a resolution ASAP.