Custom fields in subscription registration


I used the custom fields in the subscription registration to get info for the names of the players for the Golf Tournament registration. I had a person register, but the csv export only shows the handicap for player #4. Does that mean that the user didn't input the information for other fields? or is there a different place where I can access the info of the other players? Here is the link to the registration page:

Here is the content of the .csv file (notice how it only shows the info for player #4):
Subscription ID,Emai ID,User ID,Product ID,Plan ID,Gateway ID,Gateway Type,Gateway Name,First Name,Last Name,Customer ID,Created At,Plan Name,Product Name,Quantity,Setup Fee,Tax Amount,Total Tax Amount,Subscription Amount,Subscription Start Date,Expiry Date,Total Amount,Refund Amount,Plan Type,MRR,Billing Count,Billing Cycle,Next Billing,Last Billing,Payment Due Period,Referred by Affiliate,Total Affiliate Commission Amount,Total Affiliate Commission Count,Custom - name,Custom - type,Custom - label,Custom - value,Currency,Status,Revenue,Sales Count
613e0b1a92ce931498efb65d,,612596a26ed7ae2e8912e5d2,6125aaf1d4d1d177672eb46d,612ef10943d3f446f5b7c060,612e694043d3f446f5b7b562,paypal,Paypal,Rick,Valdez,613e0b1a92ce931498efb65c,Sun Sep 12 2021 14:13:46 GMT+0000 (UTC),Sun Sep 12 2021 14:13:46 GMT+0000 (UTC),7th Annual Charity Golf Classic,1,0,0,0,500,Sun Sep 12 2021 14:13:46 GMT+0000 (UTC),Fri Sep 12 2121 14:13:46 GMT+0000 (UTC),500,0,One-Time,0,1,Onetime,,Sun Sep 12 2021 14:14:16 GMT+0000 (UTC),Net 0,,0,0,player_4_handicap,number,Player #4 Handicap,54,$,live,500,1