delay - spacing the action


Is there any way to use the delay action to "space out" delays? Here's an example to illustrate:
1. User adds content to a form in Airtable which will eventually be passed to, say, Twitter.
2. A delay sends the content to Twitter after 10 minutes

My question is if there's a way to allow users to submit the form 5 times in a row, but the delay spaces the sending to Twitter in blocks of 10 minutes. Instead of all the tweets being sent 10 minutes after they are submitted, they are sent in 10 minute intervals (total of 50 minutes from first to last)

I hope that makes sense.

Anyone any ideas?


Actually, I think the best option would be to send the tweets to a scheduling app like ContentStudio, Buffer, etc. But Pabbly doesn't seem to support this


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Hey @ffmedia

If you are getting the multiple data in exact time and if you are delaying the same data for 10 min then the multiple data will also be executed at the same time after the delay action step.

So it is not possible to assign time for a particular Tweet.