Error message from Keap workflow

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I have a workflow that is triggered when someone books a call with me via my Book Like a Boss calendar. I want Pabbly to create or update the contact in Keap and then apply a tag.

The workflow was just triggered and I received an email with the following error message:

"message": "Unable to find this Contact"

I know this particular person is in Keap. They actually already have the tag applied as well from a previous meeting.

I can understand flagging the error because even if Pabbly found the contact, it wouldn't be able to apply a tag that was already there. But this message makes me think there might be something else wrong with my workflow.

The workflow worked find when I sent test data. So, how can I tell if there's an issue here I need to resolve?


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Hey @emeraldlake

In the "Apply Tag to Contact" action step you need to pass the Contact Id in the field to dynamically apply the tag.


Though we have corrected it for you and it is working accordingly now.
Thanks, Supreme. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time following what you did since your screen doesn't look like mine. I can't find anywhere where there is a Data In and Data Out section for the Apply Tag to Contact event.

Since I have other workflows defined to apply tags in Keap, how can I tell if they're correct at this point? Here's a screenshot from my HeySummit to Keap workflow.


It's set up the same way I'd set up the Book Like a Boss workflow...
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