Facebook Lead Form > Pabbly API "No Data" After Page Reload

Hello all,

We have a pretty standard Facebook Lead Form > Pabbly API Flow. We've never had trouble in the past setting this style of funnel up until recently.

The problem: Our final custom value disconnects after a Page Reload even though we are able to save the API Post just fine (see attached).

We've done the standard "Send and Test Request" when a lead is created through our Facebook form so all the information is there to pull from, and we can successfully save the API Post, but then when the page is reloaded we lose the data of the custom fields we are trying to provide.

Thank you for the help in advance


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    After reload.JPG
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Hey @Ryan.Macromarketing

Perhaps you have made some changes in the trigger response while configuring the API by Pabbly action and that field might get changed for the moment because of that that you might have gotten the red-tagged area.

Kindly monitor your workflow for a while and let us know if the issue still persists.