Facebook Pages No Connection Window?

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I am trying to create a new workflow with Facebook Pages. However, when I try to authenticate my FB Pages account, nothing happens.

I am creating a new connection. I click the blue 'Connect with Facebook pages' button, the animated square timer/overlay screen appears for a split second and then nothing happens. A new window is supposed to open with the click to authorise option, no? Nothing appears. I have my Facebook Page open in the browser tab next to Pabbly Connect and can navigate through Facebook Pages as normal, and I'm logged into Pages as the admin, so why does the authentification window not display? I tried this for Facebook comments and the same thing happens.


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Hey @demonboy

Seems like your Facebook account is already logged into your browser and it is getting redirected to it automatically.

You may log out from the Facebook account from your browser and the entry authenticating the action step back.

Else, you can try authenticating the Facebook action step in the incognito mode of your browser.

And then grant all the permission to pages and groups accordingly.
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