Google Ads


  • Need access to your Google Ads Account

  • Name of your conversion action(s) as defined in Google Ads’ Conversions page. Note: Only “Import from Click” conversion actions are supported.

  • The Google Click ID (GCLID) needs to be available in your trigger or action steps prior to adding your Send Offline Conversion action.
  • Prior to your Send Offline Conversion action step, create a filter to make sure that only conversions from Google Ads are added. You must have a GCLID in order to construct an offline conversion, thus make a condition that says only if it exists can the process continue.

  • If the conversion event you're tracking can occur within 24 hours of the time the ad was clicked, then you'll need to add a Delay For step to delay for 24 hours prior to your Send Offline Conversion action step.

Steps to setup the action

  1. Signup or Login to Pabbly Connect.
  2. Once you’ve accessed the website, click the Create New Workflow Button in the right section.
  3. Name your workflow, and save it.
  4. In this section, Choose a Google Ads App from the left dropdown.
  5. Select your action event as Send Offline Conversion
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Select your Google Ads account from the dropdown.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. In the Use Google Ads as dropdown select the Google Ads Account you wish to import conversion events into.
  10. In Google Click ID (GCLID) field, insert the field from your previous step that contains the Google Click ID (GCLID).
  11. In the Conversion Action field, select the action for your conversion. Note, only Import From Clicks conversion actions is available.
  12. Click Continue.

👉 Here is the video tutorial for your guidance.