Google Sheet to Wordpress - BASE URL Error


Hello there!

I want to add the data prepared in Google Sheet to my Wordpress site.

G. Sheet to WP Create Post!

After preparing the google sheet document, I enter the username and password to connect to wordpress. then it asks me for Base URL. When I enter this I get an error. I also installed the WordPress REST API Authentication plugin. But I keep getting this error.


The interesting thing is that I add a random url from my own sites and it accepts it, but when I try to add the site I want, I get an error. I am using Re-Hub theme. Can you help me solve the problem?

EDIT: The wordpress admin panel was going to a custom redirect, I set it to default. And I installed the Plugin from the beginning and the problem was solved. But now I have another problem.
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Hey @soled567

Thanks for the update let us know what other issue you are facing now. Is it the new thread that you created?