How payment terms works under Pabbly Subscription Billing?

Payment terms define the specific timeframe within which a payment is expected to be made by the buyer to the seller.

So in Pabbly subscription billing, payment terms can be set up in two ways:

1. Payment Term via Checkout Page:
When creating a plan in Pabbly subscription billing, you have the option to select the payment terms for that plan.(Refer to the attached screenshot for more details) This allows you to specify the conditions and deadlines for payment. When a customer makes a payment through the checkout page for the first time, the payment is processed, and the invoice creation date and due date are set to the same date. However, on the renewal payments, the system generates a new invoice and checks for the payment term associated with the plan and the due date for these renewal payments will be according to the specified payment term.

2. Via Manual Subscription/API:
Payment terms can be set up via manual subscription or API integration in Pabbly subscription billing. When using these methods, the invoice date and due date can be different based on the specified payment terms. Unlike the checkout page method, where the payment is accepted immediately, manual subscription or API integration allows businesses to create invoices without collecting payment at that moment.