How to get JPG/PNG from Google Drive



what are all/alternative ways to get a JPG/PNG file from a Google Drive link using Pabbly Connect please?

My steps are:

1. Google slides: Create presentation
2. Google slides: Get thumbnail (but this creates only a temporary PNG file on the Pabbly Connect)
3. Google drive: Upload a file
4. Google drive: Share a file with anyone (to ge a link that other steps/tools can access)

The URL of the image in step 4 looks like this
Res2 WebViewLink:

When I try to upload the image elsewhere, I get an error saying that the file is of an unknown type and I need to provide a JPG/PNG file.

I have therefore set up an Imgur account and am using step 5. Imgur: Upload image to "transform" the Google Drive link into a PNG file.

But since I have hundreds of files, Imgur plays up and often gives an erro, breaking the whole workflow.

So, what are please the alternative ways I can get the JPG/PNG file from my steps?

Thank you.


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You can try the "Short Pixel" action step to convert the image URL.