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How to Trigger Form submission (Wix), and action Brevo creates Email campaign and sends to contacts in a Brevo list that matches 2 of the form fields


Basically, i would like to get the data from a form submission on wix, and then trigger Brevo to create an email campaign that send the email campaign to contacts in a Brevo contacts list that matches 2 field values from the form submission received from Wix.

Further to that, i would like the email campaign that will be created to be able to have data from both the Wix form and from the contact list from Brevo.

1. Form Submission from Wix is a new Job Vacancy Post containing the following fields:
Employer name: ABC Employer
Job Title: Restaurant Manager
City: London

2. Contacts in the Contact List on Brevo has the following fields:
Name: xyz
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +60135546845
Job Title: Restaurant Manager (or Chef, or Waiter, or Bartender, etc)
Preferred Job City: London (or Manchester, or Birmingham, etc)

3. I would like to have an email campaign created everytime there is a new form submission from wix where i can have information from both items, 1 and 2 inserted into the content of the email (see below example):

"Hi [Xyz] (value from Brevo contact list), we have a new Job Vacancy that matches your preferred Job Title and preferred City. Kindly read the details of the Job Vacancy below, and click on the Apply button to apply.

Basic Job Details:
Company Name: [Employer Name] - (value from Form Submission from Wix)
Location: [City] - (value from Form Submission from Wix)"

A click button or url link titled Apply.

4. Brevo then sends the completed email campaign to all contacts in the Brevo contacts list that matches the [Job title] and the [Preferred Job City] (values from Form Submission from Wix)

Can this be done? Would appreciate your help. Thank you.


Staff member
Hi @JVictor,

The use case you are describing seems partially possible. You can capture data from Wix Forms using the 'New Form Submission' trigger event and create email campaigns in Brevo using the 'Create an Email Campaign' action event. The problem lies in finding contacts that meet two conditions from the Wix Form submission. Currently, the only option you have for obtaining contact details is by using the 'Find Contact's Details' action event, but this endpoint accepts only a single input.

You can setup your workflow in a similar manner shown below:

If the workflow shared above doesn't fulfill your needs (which I don't think it will), please try the following.

Try adding the 'Get all the Contacts' endpoint as the second step in your workflow. You will need to use the API by Pabbly module for this. Once you have done that, please let me know. This will help me assess the feasibility of your specific use case.



Hi Arshil, i have attempted as per your suggestion, however, this issues of "Key Not Founf" and "Unauthorized" (please refer to screenshot below). Can kindly assist as to how i should go about this please?