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How to sync selected hubspot contacts (based on a value within 1 of the hubspot contact property) to vbout contact List


Anyone has experienced in syncing (one-way) a specific group of Hubspot contacts (Trigger based from a checkbox value within 1 of the hubspot contact property e.g. For Attendee, Event Registered (May not Attend)) to add the subjected contacts and its relevant contact fields (First Name, Last Name, Company Name and Email) to a Vbout Contact List (ESG Series Unique Past Registrants List till 31 March 2022)

Any advice? Thanks


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Staff member
Hey @tedsimbear1

To get the relative data from the respective Hubspot's trigger event, so you have to check the fields first from the checklist.






But what happens if i just want to Trigger a certain value/option from the Trigger Field - Hubspot Contact Field to set an action to vbout? I cannot seem to determine a certain value/option instead of just the entire Hubspot Contact Field (regardless of specific value/option) to trigger the action?



I see this... the Hubspot Contact Field is under Output Properties 'Test Pabbly vbout - Hubspot Contact 1" but the Label/Value didn't include any Option/Value within this field to Trigger? What is Simple Response?


Thanks for your recording but i think you miss my point/challenge.

Your Demo shows how we can trigger Output of Hubspot Field to Vbout Contact List Field. The issue is i need to base on this Trigger based on a certain value of this Hubspot Contact Field "Test Pabbly from Hubspot to Vbout - Contact 1"... Currently we have 3 values options under this field "Yes 1, Yes 2 & No" and only 1 Contact in Hubspot has a value of 'Yes 1". What i am trying to achieve is we only we trigger and sync this Hubspot Contact ( and the relevant contact fields) if they have a specific value of "Yes 1 " onto the Vbout Contact List Fields. Can you show me how do you specify which trigger based on this specific value of 'Yes 1" for this Contact Field "Test Pabbly from Hubspot to Vbout"?


You previous demo infers that as long as there is any value in this Contact Field, it triggers and we just need to sync the Hubspot Contact Fields e.g Email, First Name etc onto the Vbout Contact List Fields too. This is not what i am asking in terms of action but specify trigger