Insert a HTML into a JSON parameter (Pabbly API)


Hello Friends.

I'm using Pabbly API to fire a transactional email using an API-Endpoint. I've built the request in postman and then copied it into Pabbly.

The body request has a field named "HtmlBody", which needs to be filled with the escaped version of the HTML Code I want to send to my contacts using the API.

In postman, the request works fine and the email is sent correctly to the recipient. In Pabbly, the email is sent but Pabbly is not allowing the HTML to render correctly since Pabbly is changing parameters in the final request. I see, once the request fires from Pabbly, that the field "HtmlBody" completely changes.

Here you can see a demo of the issue:

I think the Pabbly API is not accepting my HTML Code correctly. Do you know how to add an HTML code correctly in a JSON request?



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Hey @lucasmon77

We looked over your query and would request you to use the Custom Request event of API by Pabbly action step. Furthermore, kindly cross-check your hardcoded JSON data which might be distorted.