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Instagram Issue: unknown upload error

Your Task History ID

I have been running IG and FB automations for over 1 month. It has worked oerfectly time till yesterday. I tried change the delay time and do all automations manually, but it did not worked either. Can You help me?
Here is the photo:


Staff member
Hi @Bananajuice2002,

It appears to be an authentication issue. Kindly log in to your Pabbly Connect and Instagram accounts in an Incognito tab and re-authenticate the connection.

I followed your instructions, and I encountered an error in the previous step. The HTTP Status Code returned was 500. I tried resolving the issue by deleting everything related to Instagram integrations and reconnecting again. However, I encountered the same outcome: the HTTP Status Code is still 500.
Photo for reference:


Staff member
Please grant me access to your workflow by adding me as a team member. This will allow me to gain a better understanding of your issue.
Once you have added me as a Team Member, do let us know the name of your workflow.
Email: [email protected]
Also, remember to revoke access once your query has been resolved.

Attaching a video for your reference:



Staff member
The 'HTTP Status Code 500' appears when there is a downtime or server issue with a particular third-party application. It is possible that Instagram experienced downtime during that brief period, which resulted in the error you encountered.

Furthermore, for the workflows in which you are facing the authentication error, please re-authenticate the connection in the same way you have done for your other workflows.
I have reset everything and disconnected the business Facebook page from the Instagram account, and then reconnected them again. I also tried connecting them in the incognito mode. There has been no change in the error. It is extremely peculiar because I have successfully run over 200 videos, and suddenly the workflow has come to a halt.

Do you have any potential solutions in mind that could help resolve this issue?
I have made several attempts using various combinations, and it seems that the workflow functions properly when I do not include captions generated from Open AI. I'm not sure why the error 500 occurred, which appeared to be related to a verification issue. However, I discovered that the workflow functions correctly when captions are omitted. Now I need to determine the maximum allowable length for captions in order to successfully publish reels on Instagram.

I sincerely appreciate your patience and time in assisting me with this matter. Thank you once again.


Staff member
The character limit for captions on Instagram is 2200 characters. You can check the other requirements from the attached documentation below.