Integrate Zoom & Google Drive - Upload of recordings with File size limit?


I considered to switch from Zapier to Pabbly.

One important workflow for me is to automatically upload Zoom recordings from Zoom to Google Drive.

The installation in Pabbly was easy. The good video tutorials are helping a lot. All went well and my trial recordings were uploaded to Google Drive smoothly.

However, when I was just about to deactivate Zapier, my first "real" recording got produced and I had to find out, that it was not uploaded completely.

While Zapier is uploading the complete files, Pabbly does not. There seems to be a file size limit.

Unfortunately, this makes Pabbly impossible for me as an alternative to Zapier for now.

Are there any plans to change this?

Thank you



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Hey @Tanja108

Currently, in Pabbly, files with 50 MB size can only be passed in the automation. We would definitely increase the limit in near future.




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Hey @danny82

As of now, we cannot increase the size limit but in the future, if we increase the limit we will notify our users.