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Hi there!

Did someone already connected Pabbly to Mastodon? I want to create posts on that social platform using Pabbly. There is no App for this yet but they offer a REST API with oauth authentification. Can this be used with the API app?



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Hey @Jan

You may post the request to add the integration on the platform here -

Our integration team will look into it and add it accordingly.

Further, the API by Pabbly action step currently does not support OAuth authentication.



i found a way to publish Mastodon posts using the API function.

First log into your Mastodon account, open the profile and then the developer section.
Add a new app, call it "Pabbly Connect" and give it the rights you need - I just allowed "write:statuses" for security reasons.
Save the app and open it from the list to copy the access token.

Then using the following API settings in Pabbly Connect:
  • Action Event: POST
  • API endpoint URL: https://YOURHOST.TLD/api/v1/statuses
  • Payload: JSON
  • Wrap Request in Array: No
  • Authentication: Bearer Token and then paste your token in the field below
  • Set Parameters: "status" and the message you want to send