Inventory Update using Google Sheets


If there are more than 1000 rows in a google sheet with
product name:
item quantity:
Need to keep a condition wherein, if the item quantity reduces below a certain threshold, an email should be sent to a specific person

Is there any video on the same?
Can we check 1000 rows at the same time?
Is this done using Lookup?

Request advice


So there is no way to check 1000 rows at the same time to check if value is less by 10... in any of the cells (in that specific column)?


Is the column specific to finding the value?
Suppose column A being updated with different numbers received from other google sheets.

Column A shows the Quantity.
There is a threshold of 25. (should not go below 25)

So if the quantity falls below 25, those specific email addresses should be sent an email.

If more than 1000 rows, how can this be achieved.
The lookup function using google sheets searches only 100 rows


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Please check the message again, we have checked the use case before and on the basis of that, we have told you the scenario. So if you think that users if possible then you may proceed as per your need.

Further, we only provide the necessary support to assist all of our clients in fixing problems and errors. We are unable to help our customers in creating workflows from the start.

To develop your workflow and use case from scratch and handle everything for you, we advise hiring an automation specialist - see


I don't need to do it from scratch.
I just needed a yes or no possibility for my problem.
I can understand your answer is "no" there is no oslution to my challenge since there is a limitation on the lookup trigger of 100 rows only!