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Issue with Xero Integration: Missing Line Items in Invoices

I am encountering an issue when transferring data from Google Sheets to Xero using Pabbly as the intermediary integration service. Our process involves the following connections:

Google Sheet to Pabbly: Purchase orders are saved in a Google Sheet. Each order can contain multiple items, and the relevant data includes customer details, invoice numbers, dates, tax types, and line items (formatted as JSON).
Pabbly to Xero: Pabbly forwards the data to Xero to create invoices. However, I’ve noticed that only the first item (0th index item) from the line items array is added to the Xero invoice. The remaining items are lost during this process.

Sample Row from Google Sheet:
CustomerID | Name | Email | InvoiceNumber | IssueDate | DueDate | TaxType | Line_Items | Done
7312 | Awais | awais.gmail.com | INV-234 | 2024-04-03T00:00:00 | 2024-04-09T00:00:00 | GST | [{"id":103,"name":"Shoes","quantity":4,"price":12.00}, {"id":101,"name":"Shirt","quantity":1,"price":17.50}] | Ok

I’m seeking guidance on how to ensure that Xero receives all line items correctly. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I have tried the same from Jotform with similar results i.e. only the first item appears in Xero invoice


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If you have multiple line items, we suggest using the "Line Itemizer" action step after the trigger step to process all line items simultaneously. You can trigger the Line Itemizer action step after the webhook response by enabling the "Simple Response" option. After processing the data in the Line Itemizer action step, you can map the comma-separated values in the Xero action step to the desired fields.

Will it add another task to each order?
I am presently within the free tasks; what will happen after the free 10000 free tasks are consumed?
Will the client be charged for the tasks consumed after that (but then what about life-time account)


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Will it add another task to each order?
The Line Itemizer action step will process all the comma-separated values to the destined application at once.

Further, when a specific workflow consumes more than ten times the free tasks allocated to it, an error will occur. For instance, if a customer's Pabbly Connect account is allotted 10,000 tasks, each workflow will have a daily free task limit of 100,000 (i.e., ten times the allotted tasks).

Customers using Pabbly Connect receive a set number of tasks that they can perform within their account. Each workflow has a limit on the number of free tasks it can execute per day. Exceeding this limit results in an error.

To avoid errors and ensure smooth workflow execution, it's essential for customers to be mindful of this free task limit. If a higher free tasks count is needed, customers can consider upgrading their subscription plan to one with a higher paid tasks limit, which automatically increases the free tasks limit accordingly.