Iterator get only one item/response result of last step


I use get row of Google sheet and in Response Received: json of 4 item in Response Result
But in next step : Iterator by Pabbly
I see only one result of a item
So, next steps i can get only one result of this item



Please help
Thank you
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Fagun Shah

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While setting up the workflow you will only see the 1st item of the array in the iterator response.

But when the workflow executes in real life, it will go through each item in the array and executes all the actions below iterator step for each item in array.


@Fagun Shah thanks.
But it's false in Filter when only one 1st item.
Eg: I want to check condition: if Channel Id = 111260241415031, create new Post in Fanpage ABC.
But Channel of 1st item is...793.
And result is false condition.
How can i select only "Channel ID column" without ID number?
Please see screenshot
Thank you


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Fagun Shah

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That is fine. Bcoz we only have one array item it is not necessary that filter condition is true.

But when the whole workflow runs from trigger it will go through filter if the condition matches for any of the items in the array.