Lulu Print API integration issue

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Hello team,

First thing first :
Thank you for welcoming me here and good day to you all.

I'd like to report an issue with the Lulu Print API integration !

Actually, it "works" but there is one big issue with the way this is set up.

Please let me explain the lulu order process first so that you can get it :

1. A print order is being sent to lulu via its API
2. The print job appears in
3. The print job is paid on the previous platform
4. The print job is being processed by lulu

Here the issue :
Even though I set up my lulu credentials API within Pabbly,
my orders do not appear within my developper dashboard on lulu...


the order was properly created on a different developper account !

Please look at this mail from their support :


Thank you for your reply! I apologize for the continued issue.

I was able to locate order 517617 in our system, but it is listed under a different email address - Do you have access to the Developer Portal account associated with this email address? I will be happy to assist you in gaining access, if needed.

Warm regards,

Lulu Press, Inc.

Could you please tell me if I made a mistake with my integration or if it's an issue with how Pabbly Connect itself is set up ?

Best regards,

Supreme Verma

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Hey @jonatpak

We are currently looking into your concern and we will update to with an update soon. Kind patience will be highly appreciated.


Supreme Verma

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Hey @jonatpak

We have made some updates in the integration and would like you to re-authenticate the Action step of Lulu application and test the workflow.

Let us know how it goes.
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Hey @Supreme Verma

Sorry for the long delay, I actually took a few weeks off.

Now, I'd still like to come back to you :

The integration with lulu now works perfectly !

Thanks a lot. Keep up the great work :)
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