multiple spreadsheet created need only one

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all work flow is good in testing
getting data from webhook and by Iterator i managed them

what should done
when trigger works
create spreadsheet and then update data in same spreadsheet created by pabbly with the data came from webhook and managed by iterator
i'm using map for the step of Append data after creation ( used also add multiple Rows)

what i get : creating multiple spreadsheets depends on data should be appended if it's 3 it create 3 spread sheets with no data inside

i'm new to pabbly so i may missing something

Thanks in Advance


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Hey @MahmoudQatamsh

As we can see from your workflow, you have already constructed your workflow now to achieve your condition you only need to map the Spreadsheet Id in the required field of "Append New Value" and Sheet Id as well.

tried this but still creating multiple sheets ! :(
and also the work flow is consuming so much tasks

the flow is repeated because of something wrong

edit :
even after i have deleted the step of append date
it creates 3 spreadsheets
what do you think the reason of multiple creation !?
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@Supreme creating spreadsheet is what i need , but i need only one i got 3 :)
please help

edit : i got the issue that makes it create multiple sheets based on your reply
it was because of creating sheet step is after 3 steps
so some how it create 3 spreadsheet

now i'm getting one but still not appending data on sheet created by pabbly
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