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My airtable connection Request isn't working (Response 0)

I setup my pabbly connect with my airtable and it was working all week. But suddenly, yesterday, it stopped working for all of my workflows. I changed nothing, and all 8 of my workflows just randomly stoped working. When I send a request to airtable it comes back as response 0, even though there is plenty of data there. Like I said, it was working all week, and suddenly all of the workflows won't get data from airtable. Please help! I've attached my setup below:


  • Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 7.03.17 PM.png
    Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 7.03.17 PM.png
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  • Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 7.03.25 PM.png
    Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 7.03.25 PM.png
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Staff member
Hi @andrewashley,

Please login to your Airtable and Pabbly Connect account in an Incognito Table, establish a new connection with your Airtable account and see if that fixes the issue for you.

Make sure that your table includes a field named 'Created' with its field type set to 'Created Time'.
Hi @ArshilAhmad so I tried that and it worked for the workflows that it happened to. But then just today, it happened again, and I tried this same thing and it didn't work. My concern is that it seems to be breaking randomly and unreliable. Do you know why this happens and how to avoid it? I've only use this platform for a week and already it has happened twice.


Staff member
Could you please confirm if you have a 'Created' field with its field type set to 'Created Time' in your Airtable? Kindly share a screenshot showing the same.
Sorry, just now seeing your response. Yes, I have. Here is a screenshot attached below. Also, I keep getting emails from pabbly that my "error, invalid authentication token". Please help.


  • Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 9.43.17 AM.png
    Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 9.43.17 AM.png
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Staff member
Please try establishing a new connection with your Airtable now, and if the issue persists, please let us know. Also, monitor your workflow for some time, and if the 'Invalid Authentication error' occurs again, please inform us.