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Pabbly connect > problem in Scheduling telegram with data from Google sheet.


Pabbly GoSpTe.png

Above is my first workflow at Pabbly for scheduling one post everyday on telegram, fetching data from google sheet. The workflow executes successfully and posts data in telegram group but with an issue that same first entry of google sheet gets repeatedly posted on every subsequent day, instead of posting data concerned with changed date.

following is the description of workflow:
1. Scheduling: sets schedule for every day at a given UTC time.
Pabbly Schedule.png

2. Google sheet: the sheet has two column, column A has text and column B has consecutive days in format mm-dd-yyyy. also the range of data is mentioned. with simple response turned off, first data entry is selected for the iterator.
Pabbly google sheet.png

3. Iterator: isolates data (single row) from google sheet to further apply condition.
Pabbly iterator.png

4. Date/time formatter: establishes current date.
Pabbly date time formattor.png

5. Number formatter: applies formula over current date and date parsed by iterator.
Pabbly number formattor.png

6. Filter: applies filter for data to be sent or iterate again until true.
Pabbly filter.png

The condition is false, meaning there is mismatch between the date fetched from iterator and current date. It should next check, until the condition is true, and then post the respective text. But this is not happening. instead the first data gets posted, as picked by iterator.

7. Telegram bot: posts the text for the current date match.
Pabbly telegram bot.png

The workflow runs successfully but it isn't delivering the intended result. the iterator is not moving to the next data to check the condition. I am unable to see why this is happening. below is first few entries from the google sheet being used.
Google sheet.png

Kindly help to resolve this issue.
Thank you.


Well-known member
Staff member
Hey @shivkant
but with an issue that same first entry of google sheet gets repeatedly posted on every subsequent day, instead of posting data concerned with changed date.

We checked on your subsequent day's executions and it seems like you got only one date for its respective day's message and because of that only one message has been sent two days.

Kindly test the workflow by giving the same date multiple times in your Google Sheets.