Pabbly workflow randomly firing multiple times with only one input. NEED FIX ASAP!

As other users have pointed out, there is something going on with Pabbly right now.

With my workflow, a cusomer should be created and a SINGLE invoice sent.

Tonight, I have had over 7 customers receive anywhere between three to FIVE invoices from one single order (workflow). This is not only embarrasing, it's causing serious financial headaches and accounting errors.

For the record: I haven't TOUCHED this workflow in months. Months.
This began happening randomly today, which is how I know it's not an error on our part with Pabbly's software.

This is one of many major issues with Pabbly I've had lately.

Picture for example:

delete later2.png

You can see how the same cusomer receives multiple duplicate invoices, some of which are an HOUR after their first one. Why is Pabbly doing this?!


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The reason is a webhook retry. If the destination is not accessible. Multiple attempts are made by the source application (RazorPay/Shopify etc) to submit the webhook.

Although it was occasionally accepting the webhook when our webhook destination was slow, it was unable to notify RazorPay that we had received the message.

As a result of Razorpay not receiving the acknowledgment. In an effort to get our attention and get the information across, it kept trying and sending webhooks again.