Pinterest BoardId Issue

My workflows have stopped working with invalid board id. it was working perfectly until a few days ago and now it won't recognise my board ids which I have not changed. Has anything changed recently.



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Hey @deborahlee,

Please grant me access to your workflow by adding me as a team member. This will allow me to gain a better understanding of your issue.
Once you have added me as a Team Member, do let us know the name of your workflow.
Email: [email protected]
Also, remember to revoke access once your query has been resolved.

Attaching a video for your reference:



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Hey @deborahlee

After investigating your concern in this "Pinterest xxxxxxxxer 2" workflow and it seems like content which you are trying to pass the character limit by 1 character in the Pinterest action step.


So, kindly check the description content and then try passing it under 500 characters as per the Pinterest guidelines. to 500 characters,home feed or search feed.